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Levente Feher

Levente, one of our founders, has been dancing and moving most of his life. As a kid in Hungary, he entered the world of dance, learning ballet, hip-hop and Hungarian folk dances for a couple of years at school. Following that, he explored the world of theatre and drama.

His first experience with Salsa and Bachata was at university at King’s College London, thanks to the KCL Dance Society. He fell in love with both styles from the very first class.

He has been a dedicated learner ever since, learning from the best teachers in the UK and at festivals around the world. He also visited the competition world briefly, winning various amateur competitions in Hungary and placing 2nd place in the BachataStars Open England Final in 2017.

He came to realise that the style these competitions represent is far from him. Levi is much more interested in the social dancing and cultural aspects of these dances, as that is what he wants to share with the world.

In 2016, he joined the Ritmo Latino London dance school, where he began his teaching career. He taught at some of the most iconic Latin dance party landmarks in London and in the UK. As his career progressed, he also joined Evidance4You dance school in Hungary and Los Rumberos Dance School in London, where he worked with kids aged 4-26. During his career, he has been part of various performance and choreography groups and also choreographed and trained the UCL Bachata Teams two years in a row.

Following COVID-19, he relocated to Tenerife, where he cofounded Baila Canarias to continue sharing his love for these amazing dances.